Welcome Aboard ProcessSafetyWhiz!

Please welcome @ProcessSafetyWhiz to the Pub. She’s a ChE.

PSW is a friend and associate. We’ve been working together 4-5 years! She knows a lot about Process Safety, duh! So ask her your hardest, most complex process safety qustion you got! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Welcome to SE. I too dabble in process safety from time to time, though I have no idea why since I can’t seem to keep it all straight even though my life does sometimes depend on it :clown_face:


Looking forward to fun technical discussions with folks here! :smiley:

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Welcome aboard, PSW. Always nice to meet someone who’s a whiz at something!

@BAretired We definitely need some people like that to help balance out the anchors like me :anchor: :sweat_smile:

Welcome PSW!

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Is that like boat anchors? You must at least float. Welcome PSW

Welcome aboard @ProcessSafetyWhiz!

No one yet? I am curious about what kind of provisions are made regarding atmospheric contaminants in, say, a canning plant. Seems like some products would even need humidity controls? Sorry if that is not the right type of safety but just pondered lately.