What are you watching?

My wife and I are long-time science fiction watchers. We seem to be getting interested in watching Snowpiercer. It’s not great, but it is a new story for us. I hope they get into the engine, which is a “perpetual motion machine”.

Husband watched that and enjoyed it.

Me, I’m going old-skool and watching the original Magnum PI. When I need help relaxing, I watch episodes of Bob Ross - that man’s voice is so calming. I’ve also been filling in the episode gaps in Mythbusters and doing some cathartic yelling when they say or do stupid things.

Next up for me and my husband is Space Force. I can’t wait for that one - it looks really funny!

We started Space Force last week. After hearing how bad the reviews were I didn’t expect much, but we’re liking it a lot so far. I think the depiction of military personnel is a bit too lampooning at times, but overall I like it a lot. A lot of very funny characters and John Malkovich’s character in particular is very funny.