What is HydroCAD

By psmart

HydroCAD is a hydrology and hydraulics modeling system used for watershed analysis and design. It provides runoff calculations by the SCS TR-20 method, as well as the Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph (SBUH) and Rational Method, plus many techniques from TR-55, including CN lookup, CN weighting, and multiple procedures for calculating the time-of-concentration.

Runoff hydrographs can be routed through reaches and ponds, including a weir, culvert, orifice, or other device(s) that control the outflow. Ponds can have compound outlets, such as a riser structure, as well as secondary outlets that are available for independent routing. For complete details see the HydroCAD web site at www.hydrocad.net

Note: HydroCAD is a stand-along system for Computer-Aided-Design, and does not require any other CAD software. It runs on all versions of Windows from Win95 to XP.