What is this?

We just bought a condo in Florida and I don’t know what this is on the master bathroom vanity door for access under the sink. It looks like it’s stuck to the door with adhesive, it’s circular part protrudes out about 1”, and it’s got a cross cut in the end for some reason. What is this?

Haven’t seen one of those for a while. My Granny used to have them. You stuff the corner of a teatowel into it to hang it up.

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Thanks! I see them online now.

How about that? Never have seen one before. Now that I see it, I want one.

all Grannies were always smart :wink:

Why didn’t I know about this…I will be buying several. Thanks for sharing!

I hated how those things always snag your finger when pushing the towel in…especially when I have a habit of having minor cuts and such on my fingers…just sayin’