Which Democratic Primary Event Would YOU Attend?

  • Jane Sanders at Grimwood Cultural Center
  • Ashley Judd at Cabin Bros Brewery

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Location names changed slightly, because, well, just because

The brewery, naturally, irrespective of the candidate.

That was my thinking, plus can’t help but think of Ashley in years past :)

What is a “trust level 3” to be able to vote? That’s weird…

No idea, just pressing buttons :)

Being Canadian, neither…although if given a written guarantee of return free rides and unfettered border crossings, as well as free libations, I’d choose the brewery too :beer:

It is my impression that Canadians generally are observing the unfolding of the entire Democratic Leader Selection Process with great interest.

Incidentally, I couldn’t find any references anywhere to Trust Levels either…

When setting up the poll I had to select a Trust level, to do what I don’t remember…

I can’t seem to get back to the original set-up screen, so, who knows :)

BTW, both these events actually happened same day in my town. I set the poll up just for the fun of it.


Correct. We use Discourse software. They have not published much information about Trust Level (TL). The main reason I could find is it’s one part of their security strategy, and they just don’t want detailed knowledge out in the public. That’s reasonable. A regular user starts at TL_0 and can advance to TL_3 by just using the website. The more one uses the website and it’s features/functions, the faster they advance. The higher the TL the less you are limited and the more features/functions you have access to. If someone misbehaves, moderators can lock a user at a certain TL. It’s just one method of control the software offers websites. With this crew, I am happy to say, no one has been limited. I will also have to say, TL is a little bit of a black box to me too, but I don’t think we are going to need to know much about it.