Wood forum

Need to add a section for wood related structural discussions here.

Is there already a wood forum?


I’m thinking out loud here. What do you think about posting any wood question in the Constructed Items sub-forum under Structural Engineering? Or, under the Materials Engineering general discussion area? I guess it depends on what kind of question it is, right? Is the focus of the question more on an item constructed out of wood or is it the properties of wood. That should help guide us. If wood questions become popular, we can add it separately. That is no problem. And, by the way, on this new site, you can “tag” posts. It sounds simple, but it’s very powerful. If you tag a post “wood” having an exact forum won’t matter. You can put it wherever it fits best overall. That is the fun part about the new SI site, right? The new stuff!

I’m going to Cc: @Ron and @Doug so they can see this conversation.

Oh yeah, I tagged the top post “wood”. Check it out.

The wood is checked!

Doug emailed me this morning that the wood forum had need added, but I do not see it on my list in the Structural Engineering section yet. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Oh, I guess it’s under Wood and Timber Codes in the codes section.

Still need a section for wood related subjects in the Structural Engineering section in my opinion.

The way I see it, if you include Concrete, you should logically also include wood and steel as they are the big :horse_racing: three in structural materials. Just a Thought.

@Doug You seeing Mike’s suggestions, Doug?

Yea. I’m trying to fuel the fire for a Wood Forum!

I see that. Thanks for your patience.

Wood is very forgiving…:joy:


In the Wood and Codes section, I am not able to start a topic or make a suggestion as the new topic tab is inactive for me. Found that situation in a couple of other places too.

Do you recommend Google Chrome to access this site rather than Explorer or Firefox?

I would like to make the suggestion to add “APWA” for American Plywood Association to the codes already listed - the NDS and AITC.

Just thinking out loud here…

@Doug - this is what I PM’d you about. Mike also posted it here.


@Latexman, I just took a look.

Whoever created the category only created it as viewable and not postable.

It needs to be set up so:
everyone can see, and
trust_level_0 can create/see/post

@MSQUARED48, are you able to see a button now?

Probably someone should look at all the new categories and make sure they’re set up with the proper posting permissions…

I will have to take a look tomorrow. Thanks.

Took a quick look … Currently, I still see the “new topic” button but it does not create a window to post when pushed. It is not active to me.

Now I see that there is no reply button showing in the “favorite foundation reference texts” that Ron started. Others have responded though…

Can we add another topic in the Structural Forum section for structural remodel issues?

I would post those questions in the main Structural Engineering category, and tag “remodel”.