Wood stave pressure pipes

I collected and summarized in one doc the detailed info on wood stave pipes/flumes for water mains and the related design procedure and formulas. The ref doc is clearly shown


Thanks pisani49… is it possible for you to upload the file to this site? I’m a little leery of signing on to different sites.


Very nice . . . and a historical reference, about 1910-ish. I found it fascinating!

@dik It’s pretty big, about 103 MB. I’ve never had any problems with mega.nz. Given how rare wood pipes and tanks are today, I doubt it’ll be referenced a lot. I’d leave it there.

sorry. Here the pipe design file. For the other is 105 MB : have I to split it in files less than 4 MB ?
wood stave pipe design.pdf (2.2 MB)

There is a 4MB limit on uploads. I can get to the Handbook on Mega.nz with no problem. The link works good, and I can open it all in one .PDF. If you bust it up into > 26 pieces, that’s getting impractical, IMHO. Don’t do that.

The one small .PDF is fine though.

Thanks pisani… it’s the little efforts like this that can make this a great site.


I must have looked through the Handbook for about an hour. It was fascinating looking through that old reference.

When you have 2 8TB drives… not very big at all… will try mega…

Thanks, Dik

@Latexman does it have a file name or directory location on Mega?


Two files are in a ZIP file. A little one and a big one. pisani attached the little one to this site. The Handbook is still on mega.nz. Tell mega.nz to Download. It should put the zip file in your download folder. Then open up the zip file and open the Handbook PDF.

Dik : when you are going to download, Mega will ask you if you want to do with Mega or your usual browser. Do with your browser; it’s a bit slower but efficient

Got them… SRE should have these in his library…


who has to contact SRE ? For me it’s OK : I can also post the links of the original ref literature

I’ve sent him a note…
thanks, again.