Your iPhone has a Scanner (.PDF)!

This may be old news for some, but yesterday I learned iPhones have a scanner and can make .PDFs. I sure wish I had know about this Monday when I sent 10 .jpgs to China. I could have done all that in 2 .PDFs.

Anyway, open Notes, open a new or an existing Note, and hit the camera icon. Scanner has been an option there since iOS11.


Here’s the article/details - Working from home and need a scanner? There’s a free one built into your iPhone.

So, prior to reading this thread, did you know that iPhones had a scanner?

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There’s also some third party apps that do this as well. On Android I’m using Office Lens by Microsoft. It’s not perfect, but it’s been good enough for sending drawing markups to colleagues (from before I started marking up a PDF directly).

Thanks! I just installed the Adobe Scan app.

Great tip! I had no idea…even when done working from home, using this feature will help tremendously out in the field on a project site. Thank you!

What’s an IPhone :blush: