Anyone had COVID Vaccinations yet?

Who has had, or has started, the COVID vaccinations now?

@dik @Oldestguy @MSQUARED48 @MikeHalloran Any other oldtimers? :wink:

I’m 63, and I haven’t had it yet. Not enough stripes on my sleeve. :laughing: But, I look forward to the vaccination, and a return to normalcy.

Is anyone against the vaccine? Why is that?

No here, and will not. I’m 72 and we had it last March and have tested positive for natural antibodies. I trust my own immune system.

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Nope, I’m still some 13 years shy of the cutoff for phase 1. Hopefully not too much longer…we have a vacation we planned for last fall that could happen instead this coming fall…

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We have our 50th in April that is not going to happen then. Eventually, we will celebrate… :mask::sailboat: We do have a small vacation planned with two other couples at the coast in late September though. Should be OK (We hope).

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I’m not seriously expecting it until summer (at least). There’s still a lot of more vulnerable people in line ahead of me - - as they should be, I might add. I can wait my turn.

A little bird told me, if your spouse is getting vaccinated before you, drive them to an end of the day appointment. The doses go bad if not used, so you may get one if others “no show” on their appointments. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That just happened today to one of my friends.

My wife works in a hospital kitchen. I took her for her second shot today.
The vaccine was not in yet. Back tomorrow.
She had a text on her phone about the one day postponement but hadn’t checked her messages.
One of my daughters works with the elderly and has her shots.
Hopefully I can get a shot next month, but we’ll see if the government
schedule holds up for another month.

Australia hasn’t rolled out much vaccine yet. At this point it seems to me that international travel will be a nightmare unless you have the vaccine, so my guess is we’ll get it. I may be a little higher up the list than my wife, as I am fat and have a smashed up immune system, thanks to surgery/chemo. in the short term I am quite happy to continue with social distancing.


Here in Canada, we are waiting for Pfizer to ship vaccines, and they have shut their plant down to re-tool for more production.

I am starting to read Freedom’s Forge, by Arthur Herman, all about American industry during WWII. This might be relevant to COVID-19!

Alberta Canada;
My wife had her second dose this afternoon.

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My wife just had her weekly shot (of Southern Comfort).

Just got retested for anti-bodies after a year, and have none now. Had them last July.

Hmmm, based on that, did/will you get vaccinated?

I haven’t got vaccinated yet; but I will. I’m 63, so I’m waiting my group’s turn.

But I did enjoy two fingers of Elijah Craig last Saturday!

I’ve been using Talisker’s 10 yr. Scotch as a prescriptive against Covid. So far, it’s working…

I saw there was/is a study testing if mouthwash helps prevent Covid, so just swish it around a while before swallowing! The longer, the better, hey?

Probably not. Too many unknowns still with the vaccine. Having had COVID, I personally know what I am dealing with…

My wife is though, and I am the one with the insurance policy!

Cheers to all.

My wife works at a hospital and has had both shots.
One daughter works with the elderly and has had both shots.
Myself and 229,999 others became eligible to book an appointment today.
The website crashed at about 16,000.
Later today the number of appointments was reported as 75,000.
I haven’t been able to get through yet.
I’ll keep trying.

Good luck Bill. Wife’s parents (in their late 80’s) have not been able to book appointments yet in VA. May try and enlist their grandson to do some internet magic to help them out…

I finally got my appointments for COVID shots.
Mar 8 and Apr 19.
I waited out the queue three times, one time for over an hour.
I endured a couple of dozen site crashes without losing my place in the queue.
“Select a time from the list”
“I’m sorry, that time is not available.”

“Now make your second appointment.”
“There are no appointments available.”
Repeat three to six times.
“The website is unavailable. Please try again later.”

Now I’m waiting for delays and postponements.
Despite the frustrations, people are getting immunized.