Attaboys and Attagirls from the Site

One thing ET does not have is Badges. They are more than just a :heart: or a LPS for a single post. They are attaboys and attagirls for effort over the long haul.

I just got my 5th “Nice Share” badge. “This badge is granted for sharing a link that was clicked by 25 outside visitors. Thanks for spreading the word about our discussions, and this community.”

Three people have received the Nice Share badge. BARetired for Wide Cantilever Plate - Effective Bending Width?, Ron for What Every Structural Engineer Needs to Know!, and me for Orifice Meters with Supercritical Compressible Flow by R. G. Cunningham July 1951 (two badges), Agitator Failure (two badges), and What every Chemical Engineer needs to know.

This recognition makes me feel good, especially since it comes from our peer group outside of the site. It means we are becoming known by the world.