Boredom and wanderlust have done me in again

I last worked on construction 4 or 5 years ago.
I was getting along on my pensions and rental incomes but I was getting bored.
Then I saw an add in the paper that caught my eye.
Looking for owners of diesel one ton trucks to deliver new travel trailers to dealers.
I applied and was accepted. I have now made four trips with new travel trailers and will leave for my fifth trip on Sunday.
It cures my boredom and appeals to my wanderlust.
On a typical trip I cross most of two provinces and five states and cross the continental divide six times (three time each way). A round trip is about 3500 miles and takes six days.
I can haul any size travel trailer on my regular drivers license, but I need a letter from the authorities in my home province stating that I am medically fit to drive commercially in the USA.
I am at the age where they talk about yearly medical exams and road tests. When I submitted my medical results, the road test was waived and my license was extended for another two years.
I felt pretty good about that.
I have had lots of adventures.
Truck trouble, road closures due to snow storms, food poisoning, very slippery ice conditions. 40 mph for four hours.
25 mph for 2 hours.
The weather is better now and driving is more enjoyable.


Good for you! Staying active and making some dough! Sounds like you have the essentials covered, so this is the “blow that dough” kinda dough! The best kind! Enjoy!

I’m still working, but this is probably my last full year. I worry a little about getting bored in retirement too.

There’s a lot of side hustles out there for retired folks. One that has caught my fancy over the years is to shuttle working folks to/from the auto/truck maintenance shops.It appears COVID has almost destroyed that specific side hustle, but maybe it’ll bounce back.

I am also toying with learning to Code and writing some useful ChE apps or programs. So far, my research is pointing me to learning Python. We’ll see. I’m too busy at work to do anything on it now. In fact, I’ve set a project aside I’m so busy.

I didn’t realize that nice truck of yours was just part of a bigger plan!

Meeting all kinds of characters is one thing you get out of life on the road. My dad drove a truck for a few years to save up enough to finish school. To this day he can show up anywhere and strike up a conversation with anyone. You’ll be sure to get plenty of adventure out of it, Bill.

Outstanding! Good for you!!

I met a fella whom was bored at retirement and now drives tractor-trailers. He is enjoying himself. since there is a need for long-haul tractor trailer drivers, i gave it due consideration. but opted not to pursue. fyi, the good companies pay you while attending training classes, including flights, lodging, and meals. the fella i spoke with was given a new truck to drive!

Interesting. I have been looking into retiring-working fewer hours, but was concerned about getting bored. But I don’t think driving would be my answer, as I never liked it.
I would be interested to hear of other options.

I like driving, and have driven dump trucks as a youth, with manual transmissions and split rear axles…but never got a CDL (commercial trailer) license. Dunno that the manual skills are worth much in todays market, most trucks in the US are now Allison automatic transmissions. But reversing skills (backing trailer to a loading dock) are still good, I can parallel park with the best of them…and those skills are notably lacking for a lot of the younger crowd delivering/picking up from our loading dock.

But I would have to think about it - doing it for money/deadlines.

Manual skills are still worthwhile, as the younger generation can’t drive them, so the manual transmission becomes an anti-theft device.

Heard that mentioned about my 3 1/2 things to drive (one has only two wheels). I ordered a 2015 to get it with a clutch. The very next year it could not be had.