Ch . . ch . . ch . . changes!

Some of you who have been here a while may have noticed some changes to the site today. Today, we exceeded 50 users. With this software, THATS when the training wheels come off. There used to be tips and hints at the top of each page . . . with the note that they will go away when the site gets over 50 users. Well, the training wheels are off! A round on the house! I’ll have a Snakebite.

If you have any questions on how to do something here, please ask in a post or a message. To direct a post to someone, just put an ampersand in front of their username. Like, @Ron.

So the training wheels are no longer available to any new users?

Sorry, no. But if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer. If I’m no help, you or I can contact our programmer, @Doug. He can answer anything.

The site is pretty intuitive. Post any issues in Pat’s Pub and you will be helped.

I could sure use some training wheels.
Any consideration of putting the wheels back on in a post that is clickable for anyone who wants help?
Is there a help function on the site?

No, you’ll do fine Bill. The site is very intuitive. If you have a specific question, just ask in here.

anything? I can’t even do that…


Sure, just ask.

I like the attitude…


Rather than start a new topic, I had a question which is similar to another I saw:

Firstly, the “Site Support” category doesn’t allow for replies or new posts, so there’s no way to ask it there (at least for me)

The question I saw unanswered so far and related to mine is:

I know how to use and include tags in a post, but my question is: Is there a way to create new tags? The list of available tags is kinda small, and I don’t see any way to create new ones. Am I missing something basic or do regular members not have the authority to create new tags?

I have added new tags by typing the “new tag name” in the tag search cell. When you are finished, immediately underneath it gives you the option, create: “new tag name”. Click that. Underneath the create: “new tag name” option it will say “No matches found”. Ignore that.

@Doug did you just fix the top part of @SuperSalad 's last post? I just went to Site Support and I have the “+ New Topic” at top right and the “Why not create a topic” underneath. Or, is it a permission vs. Level thingie?

Take a look @SuperSalad

@Latexman No. I’m not aware of any changes.

Okay. @SuperSalad please take another look and let us know the outcome. Attach a screenshot if you cannot start a new topic.

@Latexman, @Doug

So, when I am in the Site Support section, the + New Topic button is present, but not clickable for me. I can’t get a screenshot with the cursor appearing, but when I hover over the button, my cursor goes to the circle with a line through it.

With regard to the tags, I don’t see that same “Create:####” option. It only displays the “No Matches Found” as far as I can tell:

I assume both things are simply due to user permissions for whatever the normal user level I am at is. I’ve got no real qualms with whatever restrictions are assigned personally, but I figured y’all would like to know about it.

Please try it again. I bumped you up from Trust Level 1 to Trust Level 2. (I doubt that’s it, but lets see.)

No, that didn’t change anything with those issues.

Bummer! @Doug will have to look at it. Look at post 15.

Will do.

There was a security setting not quite right. you should be able to post now. Thanks for the heads up and for your patience while we looked into this issue. :computer:

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