File Uploads

We can now upload PDF’s directly. We are working on getting spreadsheets next and will follow with other file extensions as we can.

Progress. Progress.


AND, it’s built into the site. No need for file storage like at the old site !


@Latexman…excellent point!


We can now upload most graphic, PDF, Excel, Word, AutoCAD, Bentley, and Smath files. Authorised extensions are jpg jpeg png gif pdf xls xlsx xlsm doc docx sm dwg dgn

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You’ve been a busy boy, today… thanks very much.


Any plan for Mathcad and/or Mathcad Prime file support?

@bootlegend…we will add file extensions to any extent the software allows. If it doesn’t allow a direct application, we will request in the open source format of the software to provide any features we all want to see. If they are approved by the group that is maintaining the software, it will happen.

@bootlegend Sorry, I am completely ignorant on Mathcad and/or Mathcad Prime. I have never used them. I don’t know what file extensions they use. I have worked for three major chemical companies and Mathcad and/or Mathcad Prime were not on their IT bookshelves, therefore none of my co-workers used them that I know of. Who here uses Mathcad and/or Mathcad Prime? How frequently do you use it? How many apps have you made/do you have in your library? I’m just trying to gauge the interest level.

FYI everyone. The maximum image upload size is 4096 kB.

MathCAD is *.mcd I don’t know what Prime uses.


.mcd has been added.

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@Latexman I use Mathcad Prime occasionally and have a handful of sheets for repetitive calculations that I do. I don’t think I use it for anything that Excel can’t handle. Mathcad does look nice and you can use it as a scratchpad. I’m really just getting started with it. Mathcad Prime uses the .mcdx file extension.

Unfortunately, the customer service and support from PTC is non-existent even when you pay for it, so I am considering jumping ship and going all in with Smath Studio. I think Smath can open the Mathcad files so it might be worth adding all of them to the supported list.

I’ve been using SMath for years and find it quite good. Almost any calc that I have to do more than 2 or 3 times gets written up… It’s replaced many excel files just because the formula is right on top and you can see it. I often use cad for graphics and convert to *.png so it can be embedded. Also use a template for the beginning.

I’ve posted a partition load file on the site to give you an idea of the front end and style I use.


@dik I was able to search a locate your file upload. That is a nice looking calculation. Do you know if an Smath file can have an Excel spreadsheet “embedded” within it? Not sure what the proper term is, but with Mathcad Prime I can “embed” and spreadsheet into the calculation file to store data. Double clicking on the table while in Mathcad opens up Excel and I can edit the spreadsheet, etc. There is only one file though, the Mathcad Prime file.

Also, should Smath have its own category on this site? Templates, glitches, tricks, tips could be contained in one sections.

Maybe premature… we’ll see how the site develops. There is a ‘plugin’ for excel that I haven’t used. The only data I have that would be useful would be the AISC steel section database. It’s a big file and accessing data might be a chore. I’ve loaded the template file; there are a couple of constructs not shown in the partition one that are quite useful. I revised the one item to ‘Input Data’ this morning… makes more (176.9 KB)


@bootlegend, when posting, be sure to TAG “Smath”. This way, you can build your own custom categorization for how YOU want to see the site.

Bad idea in my estimation… you can have 26,000 different customisations…


That’s what “tagging” is perfect for. You tag at the level that is important to YOU. This way you can immediately communicate with others at that level.

I have searched but can’t find the instructions for tagging. How can I tag someone else’s thread so that I can categorize it as I see fit?