Getting grumpy? Or what?

Read this, And judge for yourself!

No, you are spot on!

I think the poster you responded to in ED was keener to display his own amazing abilities and experience (/sarc) than actually improve the article.

These generic ‘here is a hammer and this is how you hold it’ type articles have to tread a line between jargon, assumptions and information. Many times they fall into the general category of ‘lies we tell children’. I’m not sure they really do anything other than get google hits, or maybe get cut and pasted into homework assignments. Quite why they appear in on-line sites that are supposed to appeal to professionals is baffling.

" the resistance using Ohm’s Law, V=I^2*R" from the article is of course going to lead to tears before breakfast.

“Tears before breakfast” reminds me of the old Norse/Viking saying:
“Do not praise day until sun is salvaged”

A young learner, struggling up the foothills of the Dunning Kruger mountain.
Hopefully, in the fullness of time, he will come to be embarrassed by his early writing.


“Getting grumpy? Or what?”
That also.
But I share your Grump. grin

Yeah. Online writing quality has deteriorated, it’s all about ad clicks nowadays. I’ve even seen it start to slop over into print journalism, where my local paper has articles that were darn near copy-pasted from one or more online fora that I frequent, and with the same errors that showed up there…never mind that some grumpy old timer corrected the OP in a comment buried about three levels down.

Spent the last month or so with my niece and grand-nephew living with us while they moved/sold/bought housing. She is an expert, as she reads a lot online with her phone. My wife and I, both engineers, stopped giving advice after awhile, as we could not shake her firm opinions. Some lessons must be learned the hard way. I have never popped the fuse in a DVM, but have replaced several that were misused by people who should have known better.

Been grumpy for some time.
My column proves it.

Simply Beware of advertisments 1.docx (149.4 KB)

I gave it a Google translate and then washed and rinsed to my best ability. If there are any errors - blame Google!

Your column reads ok to me, Gunnar. Better than anything I write translated to Swedish, I am quite certain.