Specification to US Standards Fabric Mesh Reinforcement

I have a small job located overseas where I will need to specify reinforcement in accordance with US standards.

The concrete is all small stuff, negligible loads so will be reinforced using welded fabric mesh. In the UK this would be called off as A393 to BS 4483 (A393 mesh being 10mm diameter bars at 200mm centres).

I think the US terminology is Welded Wire Fabric (WWF). Is there a specification which gives material strengths, diameters and spacings? A web search comes up with 6x6 W1.4/W1.4 (9mm bars at 150mm centres) to ASTM A185 and A497 seems to be the closest match?


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The current specification for Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is ASTM A1064 (https://www.astm.org/Standards/A1064.htm). This replaced ASTM A185 which was the “standard” for many years prior to 2007. A1064 is for either plain wire or deformed wire welded mats.
I’ve uploaded a WWR document that has all sorts of info on WWF.
WWR 500-R-10_Manual of Standard Practice 2010.pdf (1.5 MB)


JAE, thanks very much. Very useful.