Running a 5 HP, 3 PH lathe on single phase

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A question from a friend.
Will this run a 5HP, 3PH lathe from single phase?

My answer:
Yes, but it may have more features than you need.
Let me ask some experts.
Do you have any suggestions for a more economical drive that will be dependable?
Any options other than a VFD?
For hobby use can he use a smaller drive and current limit to about 2.5HP or 3 HP?

|Brand | DURApulse|
Price: $1348.00
|Item |Drive|
|Controller Type|High-performance|
|Voltage Type|AC|
|Nominal Input Voltage|230 VAC|
|Nominal Output Voltage|230 VAC|
|Number of Input Phases|1 and 3|
|Number of Output Phases|3|
|Horsepower By Phase|20hp with 3-phase input, 7-1/2hp with 1-phase input|
|Amperage Rating|62A with 3-phase input and 25A with 1-phase input|
|Variable Torque Amperage Rating|65A|
|Control Mode|SVC or V/Hz|

Yo Bill!

If this will work;

And, I believe it will…

I have one that was used for an hour before idiots shorted the DC bus to ground blowing it out. I completely painstakingly repaired it with an identical completely new power module (what got blown) and tested it for hours. It’s sitting on my bench. $450.


Thanks Keith.
I have forwarded the information to my friend.
He has not yet bought the lathe.
The much better price for a single phase to three phase conversion may influence his decision.
Is that price from Factorymation, or for the unit on your bench?

Mine… Factorymation is ~$600.

Just to fill in some background info on this subject, I was briefly considering buying a 5 HP lathe that I saw coming up at an auction. Since this particular lathe is the exact same one that I used for over 10 years to make so many exciting and interesting projects, this was a sentimental choice. Compared to the crap that one often is stuck with, a lathe like a Colchester Triumph is a delight to use. Sadly, the bidding is already too high, understandably. I also faced the fact that my shop is not equipped for 3-phase equipment, not to mention equipment that weighs about 5000 pounds.

To console my broken heart, I’ve found on Kijiji a much smaller combo-lathe which I can afford, move and power with the facilities that I have. I’ll know by the end of the week if I’m the lucky new owner.

What transpired Spar?


It doesn’t need the VFD, and it’s not a beauty like the Colchester, but it will probably do lots of things for me.

Still fussing with the electrics inside it, but almost there…

Hope nobody minds me saying this:
I have been getting a lot of support and inspiration from this site:

Which can’t be more aptly named for what I’m doing with my little shop.

Check this out: